Dorshi – ‘The Upstairs’

Radhika Mohendas and Jollyon Carter from Dorshi approached us in early 2017 about designing and building a cocktail bar for their restaurants loft space. This was a project they had spent months visualising and it was very personal to them, so we wanted to fulfill their brief with as much  style and class as we..


The Watch House Back in 2013, The Beer Garden Co was commissioned by Steve Attrill, owner of the iconic Hive Beach Cafe (another great project) to design and build their latest beachside venue in West Bay, Dorset. We dug out a huge amount of the beach, to create a nestled and sheltered deck area, where we placed..


Dorshi was founded in 2011 by Radhika Mohendas and Jollyon Carter. Fast forward to 2016 and it was time for them to open their first restaurant. We have been working with Dorshi from their inception, helping with all things Street Food – stall design and build, chopping boards, A frames, display boards, counters; you name..